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 "An essential member of our lifting team."

"We have been using LowerLoad over the past number of months on a wide range of projects throughout the UK and Ireland as an addition to our plant movement equipment for the installation of equipment into areas with restricted access. Since we started using LowerLoad we have seen a notable reduction in the number of man hours expended on what would normally be difficult projects where site access restrictions due to door heights, Ductwork pipework can cause access problems etc.

The Health and Safety benefits of LowerLoad are also very impressive as it removes the use of forklifts, cranes or ‘A’ frames as a means to lower the equipment on to its side and again to upright the equipment when it reaches its final destination and put into its final position.

We found using LowerLoad to be a highly effective product that is fit for purpose and easily used.” Production Manager – E & I Engineering 


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